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Welcome to the learner portal, your access to personalized digital skill development programs and mentorship.

Sign into the portal to discover a tailored learning experience. Join us on a journey where education meets individualized growth, empowering you to thrive in the digital landscape.

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We make learning accessible and user-friendly for everyone.

We believe there should be no obstacles to learning. Our interface and content delivery are simple and straightforward, so you can learn stress free either at your own pace or among other learners in courses led by instructors.

Simplicity at every step. We designed our portal so you can navigate easily through all of our courses and resources.

To enhance the accessibility of our programs, all videos include closed captioning available in multiple languages, as well as the option to adjust the playback speed. Our goal is to ensure a smooth and inclusive experience for everyone throughout their learning journey, and we are committed to continuous improvement. SkillingUp is crafted to cater to a variety of learning styles and abilities.

You have access anytime and anywhere. Learn from the comfort of your home or on the go, whenever it fits your schedule.

Learning is easier when you're not doing it alone. Connect with mentors, our helpful support team, and other students just like you.

Frequently Asked Questions

Registration for SkillingUp

Registering is simple. Just click “Apply Now” on our homepage. Enter your contact information, and a SkillingUp team member will guide you through the rest.

Typically, all we need is your name and email address. Sometimes we’ll ask for extra details to personalize your learning experience.

Yes, learners must be 16 years of age or older.

SkillinguUp is absolutely free. We’re committed to making tech education accessible to all people with disabilities.

Of course! SkillingUp has programs for learners at all skill levels, from beginners to advanced. We’ve designed our courses to meet you wherever you are on your learning journey.

We’re here to make tech education inclusive and accessible. Some programs may have specific prerequisites, but most are open to a wide range of participants.

Usually, registration just involves filling out a brief form and a follow-up call from our team. Time can vary, but we strive to start you on your learning journey as quickly and easily as possible.

Support for Success

Yes, we’ve designed the portal to be accessible on computers, tablets, smartphones, and other devices. We also provide offline/low bandwidth options if needed.

A dedicated support team will be there to answer any questions about courses, SkillingUp resources, and mentorship opportunities.

The Learner Portal has progress-tracking tools so you can see how well you’re advancing. You'll also receive regular feedback and assessments to gauge your skills.

We know life happens. That’s why you can always pause your learning journey and start where you left off when you're ready. We're here to support you every step of the way.

SkillingUp is all about community. Inside the Learner Portal, you can engage with fellow learners and explore mentorship opportunities to build up your tech skills and career prospects.

First, check your internet connection and ensure you are using a compatible browser. If the problem continues, contact our support team at [] for help.

We take your privacy very seriously. Your information is encrypted and stored securely and is used strictly for enhancing your learning experience.

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