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Get Certified

Get Certified

Microsoft certification expands opportunities. Feel confident applying for digital jobs within your area of focus.

Microsoft certifications hold significance for today’s employers. They demonstrate that you have the specific, highly valued skills they are looking for. We are committed to assisting and directing you towards attaining the certification you need.

Certification for Recognition 
Certification from Microsoft, through SkillingUp, sets you apart from the competition. Employers often require or prefer certified applicants — seeing certification on your resume provides employers with confidence that you’ll have the skills and qualifications to do the job.

Certification Programs
SkillingUp’s certification programs are widely recognized by industry leaders and employers as proof of your expertise in a chosen field.

Career Advancement
The certifications you receive from SkillingUp will validate your expertise. They also increase your ability to land a better job, earn a promotion, and secure a higher salary with employers who rely on certified professionals.

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Featured Certifications

Explore some of our most popular Microsoft Certifications courses tailored to specific careers.

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