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Mentorship, Hiring & Giving Back

There are many ways you can contribute to SkillingUp

Inspire change by contributing in impactful ways. Share your real-life experiences and advice, open doors to new work opportunities, or make a generous donation. Your support empowers individuals on their SkillingUp journey, transforming lives and shaping a brighter future for our community.

Become a Mentor

For people with disabilities stepping into a new field or seeking new digital skills, the presence of a mentor can be transformative. As a mentor, you have a special opportunity to positively impact lives by sharing knowledge, insights, and advice you’ve gained over the years, providing crucial support for those with disabilities.

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Mentors will support learners by:

  • Sharing industry insights
  • Answering questions
  • Regularly reviewing progress
  • Offering career advice
  • Introducing them to their professional networks and industry contacts

Mentors will be paired with individual learners. Each mentor will foster a personal connection with the learner, adopting a holistic approach that nurtures their unique and individualized growth.

Register to become a mentor!

Register to become a mentor

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Hire a SkillingUp Program Graduate

Hiring a graduate from the SkillingUp program can be advantageous for both parties. While people with disabilities develop in-demand job skills, employers and agencies have access to a determined, ambitious, tech-enabled workforce.

For employers, potential recruits come fully certified and current employees with disabilities can get certification that allows them to advance themselves in your organization — at no cost to you.

For agencies, SkillingUp allows you to confidently present your clients as highly-employable talent at all skill levels, improving employment outcomes and your overall success rate.

Donate and Make a Difference

Funding Impact: Enabling Access and Removing Barriers to Skill Development 

Your generosity helps to make learning accessible to everyone, including those with disabilities or limited resources — removing barriers to employment and changing lives. Your support directly transforms the educational and career prospects of individuals with disabilities.